A General overview of Roulette


Roulette literally means "little wheel" in French. It features a wheel with number slots on and a ball, and also a table on which the bets are made. The wheel starts to turn around, the croupier (or the dealer) puts the ball on the turning wheel and then stops the wheel. The player simply tries to guess the number slot in which the ball will stop during this process.

There are two types of roulettes in many online casinos: The Europen (or French) Roulette and American Roulette. The major difference between them is that the European Roulette has one 0, whereas the American has 0 and 00. As a result, European Roulette has 36 numbers+0=37 slots on the wheel and American Roulette has 36 numbers+0+00=38 slots on the wheel. The player's chance to win the European Roulette is higher and that's why we always recommend players to prefer European Roulette if they can.

You can usually see the former winning numbers on some part of the screen while you're playing online roulette. Although you can prefer to place your bet on one of those numbers, the probability of all numbers to win is the same mathematically. So, you shouldn't think that the former winning numbers have higher chance of winning you the game.

Where the ball stops on the wheel is the result of pure luck, but how much you win highly depends on how strategic your betting is, as there are several betting options in roulette. There's an "inside" betting area which includes the numbers from 0-36. You have several options within the inside betting area: you can bet on only one number or you can choose to bet on 2-3-4 or 5 numbers. The "outside" betting area is the area that features more general betting options like even/odd, black/red, 1-18, 19-36, 1st 12 numbers, 2nd 12 numbers and 3rd 12 numbers.

When you begin to play roulette, you should first decide whether to make an "outside" or an "inside" bet. Outside bets have higher chance of winning because they include a a wider group of winning numbers. However, as one can guess, the easier to get a winning in gambling, the lower the payout is. So you cannot win huge amounts by making outside bets, but such bets can work for a steady winning rather than losing more on specific numbers (inside bets).

Let's now take a look at your inside and outside betting options while playing roulette:


Straight Bet: Betting on 1 single number (pays 35 to1)
Split Bet: Betting on 2 numbers by putting the chip on the line in between your chosen 2 numbers (pays 17 to 1)
Street Bet/Line Bet: Betting on a line (or row) of 3 numbers by putting your chip on the outside line of the first number of the row (pays 11 to 1)
Corner Bet/Quad Bet: Betting on 4 numbers by placing a chip in the middle (intersection) of these 4 numbers (pays 8 to 1)
Basket Bet: Betting on numbers 1-2-3 and 0 (0 and 00 in American Roulette) at once (pays 6 to 1)
Trio Bet: Betting on numbers 0-1-2 or 0-2-3 in European Roulette (considered a from of line bet, pays 11 to 1)
Double Street Bet: Betting on 6 numbers by putting a chip on the line at the beginning of two row of numbers (pays 5 to 1)


Outside bets are much simpler than inside bets. Please note that outside bets have much lower paying rates than inside bets, as they are easier to win.

Even Money Bets: You place your bet in one of the boxes stating Even-Odd or Black-Red (pays 1 to 1)
Dozens Bet: You place your bet in boxes 1st 12, 2nd 12 and 3rd 12 (pays 2 to 1)
Column bets: You place your bet in the boxes at the bottom of the columns (pays 2 to 1)

In addition to these, European Roulette has 2 rules in advantage of the players, valid only for outside bets. "En Prison" means that if 0 shows up after an even money bet is made, player's allowed to get half of his bet back or keep the same bet for another spin. "La Partage" is a rule applying to same case (getting 0 after placing an even money bet), but only allows the player to keep half of his bet and doesn't allow the same bet to be used in another spin. Please keep in mind that this rule does not exist in all European Roulette games of all online casinos, so check the rules of the game before you play.

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