An Overview of Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Holdem (which is also called "Hold'em" only) is one of most popular poker types. It consists of 4 betting rounds, all players receiving 2 face-down cards and 5 face-up cards in the middle, called the community cards. The players try to come up with the best 5-card hand using the community cards and their own cards.

The game begins after each player receives their 2 cards (hole cards), facing down. The first player has to place a bet, and this is called the "small blind". The second player has to place a bet double the amount of the small blind- and this is called the "big blind". When other players bet, they have to place the big blind bet amount. During all rounds, the other players can call (match the big blind bet, which is the minimum bet), raise (raise the betting amount) or flop (draw out from the game, losing all former bets).

After the first betting round, 1 card is taken from the deck and put aside facing down. This is called the Burn card, or to burn a card. After this, 3 cards from the deck are put in the middle, facing up. This is called "the flop".A player is recommended to fold after the flop, if he sees his hand is not promising any combinations that might be a win.

Before the next betting round, another card is burned and the 4th face-up community card is put alongside the first 3 community cards and is called "the turn". Before the 4th and last betting round begins, the 5th community card called "the river" is put next to the other 4 community cards, again facing up. When this last betting round ends after all 5 community cards are available to all players, now it\s time for Showdown: All players open up their cards and try to get the best hand with the help of the 5 community cards. The player with the highest hand wins.

Also, as an additional information you might want to know that there are 3 kinds of Texas Hold\\\'em, varying according to the raise limits:

Limit hold'em: Raise limit = big blind amount
Pot-limit hold'em: Raise limit = total amount of all bets in the pot
No-limit hold'em: Theres no limit for raising the bet. You can wager your all money as well, and in that case you are "all in". 

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