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Calling poker simply "a popular casino game" would be undermining the unmatched degree of popularity, following and love this game has earned through time. What makes this game legendary is the space it provides for strategy making and bluffing, and a great number of variants and different tournaments only add up to the enjoyment players get from playing poker. This is not a game that is completely based on luck and you usually need to add so much from your head to be a winner by taking into consideration how to determine the bet, how to bluff, how to make the best use of your seat position and the hand you're given. You can find numerous books written about poker strategies and develop your own after playing some games. Please see our Introduction to Poker article for more detailed information about the general rules and hands.

Poker has many variants with quite different rules. Texas Hold'em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, Caribbean Stud, 5 Card Draw, Three Card Poker, Let It Ride, Casino Hold'em, Oasis Poker, Red Dog and Pai Gow are the most common poker games that are found at online casinos. Although you can think that bluffing is something that can happen only in land based casinos, you can follow bets and can bluff yourself in an online poker game too. Also, you can follow certain betting patterns for certain players at an online casino too and this woud help you make guesses about the hands of the other players. However, many online casinos want to prevent this and makes all players anonymous while playing poker, so that your actions won't be recognized by other players and you won't recognize any other player.


There are several bet types in poker and any player who wants to master this game should learn about how to bet very well because it can well be said that whether you will win or lose is based on your choices of betting. You can choose a certain bet to confuse other players, to win more than the already available pot allows or to deceive other players. We'll take a look at the major bet types below:

A Value Bet is placed when the player thinks he has the best hand and places a big bet to win a better amount of money than already available in the pot. However, we should keep in mind that if we bet too big other players may know we have a very good hand, so we should find the best amount available that can vary according to the particular game we're playing.

A Continuation Bet and a Probe Bet are very similar and both are bets that are placed before flops. The only difference between them is that you place a continuation bet when you lead the betting and a probe bet is placed when another player is leading the betting.

Overbet means that you bet as much as you can to confuse other players and in this way they might do something wrong in your favour.

All In Bet is to place all your chips as a bet.

Defensive/Blocking Bet is a small bet you place when you want to prevent other players to place big bets.

Bluff Bet can be placed in many different situations, and it can make you a winner with a bad hand and also make you win more than the regular pot.


Once you become a member of an online casino or an online poker platform, you'll find that there are several different single-table and multi-table tournaments available for you to join.

Sit & Go Tournaments begin when the seats are filled and there is no exact beginning time,

In Freezeout Tournaments all players are given the same amount of chips in the beginning and the tournament comes to an end when one of the players has all the chips,

Satellite Tournaments act as an elimination for buy-in tournaments with bigger prizes,

Shootout Tournaments feature single table games, winners of each table play the next level and the winner of the last table is the winner of the tournament,

Deep Stack Tournaments makes it possible to have more chips at the beginning of the tournament and so you can play with more stacks,

Freeroll Tournaments don't require any entrance fees,

In Re-Buy Tournaments you can re-buy chips during the game when the number of your chips fall below a limit,

A Heads Up Tournament features only 2 players competing with each other and the winner plays the next round with the winner of another 2-player poker game,

In Guaranteed Tournaments a definite amount of money is included in the prize pool.

Although these are the major tournament types, there may be several more tournaments changing according to the online casino you play.

Please check our Free Games page to try different poker games produced by different online casino softwares.

Online Poker Site Reviews

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