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Literally meaning "little wheel" in French, Roulette as we know today is a game that came into existence in the 18th century in Europe. One of the most well-known, most entertaining and most popular games at casinos online and offline, roulette is a classic that everyone loves to play every now and then. It's also one of the most common live dealer games that can be found at online casinos. In Roulette, we have a wheel with sockets featuring numbers between 0-36, a ball and a table featuring numbers between 0-36. The main objective of the game is simply to guess where the ball will stop on the roulette wheel. Please see our How To Play Roulette article to learn about the rules and the betting options in more detail:

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It's difficult to talk about certain winning strategies when it comes to roulette, as it's mainly a game of luck. However, one might try to follow the winning numbers and realize a certain pattern of numbers or colors that come more often then other numbers or colors. Still, we cannot say defining such patterns will always result in guessing winning numbers correctly (the famous Gambler's Fallacy), because -mathematically- the chance of all numbers to come as the winning number is the same in every spin. These said, there are several strategists that talk about their roulette strategies online through websites or videos. Although we don't recommend you to actually pay for such a thing because it's really difficult to come up with an absolute winning strategy for roulette, there's no risk in watching some videos for free and trying the methods talked about for free. We can say that certain methods could be more profiting than betting completely on random, so you can try and decide for yourself about them.

We have two main betting options in roulette: Inside Bets (specific numbers) and Outside Bets (general bets), and there are numerous bets within these categories. The only strategy that will work for sure while playing roulette is to place an outside bet. Outside bets are less risky because they cover a wide range of winning numbers: For example, when you place a bet on Odd Number section (which covers all odd numbers between 1-36) or Red color section (which covers all red numbers between 1-36), your chance of winning is way higher than winning a bet on one specific number on the table. Of course, you should know that the win for an Inside Bet (specific number bet) is much higher than the outside bets, so it's up to you whether to place a risky bet for the possibility of a high win or a less risky bet for some little wins. Please see our How To Play Roulette article to learn about how this game is played in detail.

Although European Roulette and American Roulette are the two major roulette types that can be found at several online casinos, we know that the gambling industry is very competitive and you might see different types of roulette games produced by different software companies to offer a different excitement for players. These may have different features or designs than the traditional roulette types we know (such as different betting options or themed games featuring characters from comics or movies instead of the classical green table and wheel) and it's always helpful to look into the rules of such different types of games before playing. You can try and enjoy several roulette games by different software companies at our Free Games section


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