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Betting on sports has a long time story. Horse racing was undeniably the most popular type of sports betting activity in 19th century. Baseball betting was a popular with the World Series around the 1800s in America. Colonists from England had gambling in their blood since their fathers and grandfathers had been doing it for generations. The growth in popularity of college football and basketball in the 20th Century led to an overall increase in sports betting. When gambling was legalized in Las Vegas in 1931, the prospect of a home for the sports betting industry became a reality. With the advent of the Internet in the 1990s, sports betting quickly shifted online and soared to new heights as more and more online Sports books set up shop in offshore countries such as Antigua and Costa Rica. Today, betting on sports is more popular than ever before.

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Online sports betting requires the players to have an interest in sports and to know certain betting types along with specific terms about betting. The aim of sports betting is to guess the result of the sports game correctly. If you are not an enthusiastic follower of the games but want to bet anyway, we recommend you to follow experts on the games.

To understand betting types in sports betting, we first need to look at the term "spread"; because if you don't understand this term well, you won't be able to understand certain betting types well either.

As we all know, majority of all sports games feature a favorite. The audience knows that the two teams are not equally strong and also can make a correct guess about who is going to win. If this is applied to betting, all bettors would place their bets on the favorite team, and as a result, nobody would be interested in the less strong team, which is called the "underdog". To prevent this imbalance, sports betting features what is called "spread" and the spread provides a range of outcomes based on points other than "win" or "lose" options for the bettors. So the bettor tries to guess if the result of the game will be below or above the point spread.

In spread betting, you don't bet on who will win or lose, but you try to make a guess whether the favorite team of a game will win by more point spread or not. The bettors can change the points as much as they can by buying points.

In spread betting (also called Straight bet), you can "take the points", that is, you can bet on the probability that when you add the point spread to the score of the underdog in the game you will get a score higher than favorite team's score. Or you can "give the points", which means to bet on the probability that after you subtract the point spread from favorite team's score, you will get a score higher the underdog team's score. You'll see the point spread on a sports betting website written in this way: If the point spread for a game is 10, you'll see -10 next to the favorite team and +10 next to the underdog. In other terms, when you're betting on the favorite team, you're actually betting on the probability that the favorite team will win with more than 10 points in the game. And if you're betting for the underdog, you're actually betting on the probability that the underdog will lose with a score less than 10 points. If the game results in exact 10 scores in between the teams, it's a tie or a push, which means there is no winner and you get your bet money back. If you think that a 5 point difference is more likely in the game, you can buy points and change the point spread.

Of course, spread betting is not the only type of betting for sports games. Please take a look at the other betting options listed below:

1. Single Bet: When you place a single bet, you are betting for the result of only one game.
2. Multi-single Bet: You can place several single bets for games in different leagues, for different sports games and the betting amount may be different for your each single bet.
3. Futures Bet: A single bet placed for a future game.
4. Proposition Bets: These are specific bets based on very specific guesses about a sports game, including which player will score a goal, or how many scores there will be in the game and the like.
5. Teaser Bet: Placing 2 or more bets on 2 different types of games.To win the bet, all your bets should win. While placing a teaser bet, you should first choose a point teaser, which can be 6, 6.5 or 7. After you make your choice, you can add or subtract these points while betting. If one of the games result in a push, only that game is rendered invalid and the bet continues.
6.Sweetheart Teaser Bet: A combination of 3 or 4 game bets and the point teasor the bettor can add or subtract are 10 or 13.
7. Parlay Bet: Placing 2-12 bets forms one parlay bet. You can place different types of bets in a parlay bet. You need to win all the bets included to win a parlay bet and this makes it a risky type of bet. However, the payout rates are usually woth to take the risk, if you win.
8. If Bet: In an if bet, you need to place 2 bets to win, but you can only place the second bet if your first bet wins. In this way, you can enjoy a higher payout rate than a single straight bet, but also you don't risk the amount that would normally equal the amount for 2 bets.
9. Reverse Bet: 2 if bets that work in both ways: first X and Y, and then Y and X. When a win reverse bet is placed, only if the first bet wins you are eligible to continue. If you have an action reverse bet, you can continue your bet unless you lose in your first game.
10. Round Robin Bet: A round robin simply means a bet including 3-8 parlays, with 2-6 teams in each parlay. When you make a round robin bet instead of separate parlay bets, your betting process is much faster; and unlike parlay, you have the chance of winning even you lose one of the games.
11. Over/Under Total Bet: You can place a bet whether the total score in a game will be over or under a certain number.


1. Win/Place/Show Bets: These are the primary bets in horse racing. When you make a win bet, you bet on who you think will be the winner; in a place bet, you bet on a horse that you think will be the first or the second; and a show bet means you'll win if the horse you bet on is the first or the second or the third in the race.
2. Quinella Bet: You place yor bet on horses that will be the first and the second in the race. You don't need to specify the first and the second.
3. Exacta Bet: For an exacta bet, you specifically bet on the first and the second horse in the race in an order. So we can consider it to be a specified quinella bet.
4. Trifecta Bet: If you're making a trifecta bet, you're betting on the first, the second and the third horse in the race, in their finishing order.
5. Superfecta Bet: If you're making a superfecta bet, you're betting on the first, the second, the third and the fourth horse in the race in their finishing order.
6. Daily Double Bet: You are to bet on the winners of two races in a row. You have to know both winners correctly to win the bet.
7. Pick 3 / Pick 4 Bet: You bet for the winners of the relevant 3 or 4 races. You have to know all the winners correctly to win the bet.
8. Box Bet: As we mentioned just above, certain bets in horse racing require you to make a specific bet and you need to be exact about who will be the first, the second and the third horse in the race. When you box a bet, you don't need to bet on horses specifically. For example, when you place an exacta bet, you need to place specific bets on the first and the second horses; but if you place a boxed exacta bet you can select just two horses to bet on and you don't need to specify which will be the first and which will be the second in the race. Likewise, if you box a trifecta bet, you're betting for any three horses that will be the first, the second and the third in the race (whereas in the normal trifecta bet, you need to specify which horse will be the first, the second and the third.). Boxing bets increases your chance of winning.
9. Wheel or Key Bet: In this type of bet, you choose 1 horse to be the first or second or the third in the race (and that one specific horse is your "key" horse or "key" bet) and then you bet on some other horses for other positions. If your key horse wins, you win. In an exacta bet, you need to bet on the first and the second horse in an order; and let's say you're to make an exacta wheel bet, and your key bet is on a specific horse that you think will be the second horse in the race. You can choose several other horses for the first place and it does not matter. If your key bet wins, you win.

Reviews of Top Online Betting Sites

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